Gyroscope sensor, proximity sensors all phone sensors in brief

Now, sensor becomes the essential part of Smartphones. Here we will discuss which sensor is important one. Typically they are electronic sensor which works with their command process. If you find on internet on sensor then you will find variety of thousands sensor. With the use of electronic sensor in mobile makes task easy and fast. Gyroscope sensor is one of the important sensor that most of us need.
Let’s begin with the sensor listing and exact use and see whether it is worth or not?

1. Accelerometer & Gyroscope sensor. 

Accelerometer sensor basically works for orientation of screen of mobile (Landscape to Portrait & vice versa). Accelerometer is also known as Gravity Sensor or G-Sensor. This sensor works according the gravity of earth.accelarometer
Gyroscope sensor or Gyro adds an additional dimension to the information supplied by the accelerometer by tracking rotation or twist. An accelerometer measures linear acceleration of movement while the gyroscope measure angular rotational velocity.

In Practice, that means an accelerometer will measure the directional movement of a device but will not be able to resolve its lateral orientation or tilt during that movement accurately unless a gyro is there to fill in that information.An accelerometer can either get a really noisy information output that is responsive, can get a clean output. But when you combine the 3-Axis accelerometer with a 3-Axis Gyroscope, you get an output that is both clean and responsive in the same time.

Accelerometer can just used for orientation of screen but gyroscope is used for gaming vector orientation.

2. Proximity Sensor

From the name itself it refers to the nearness. Proximity is located in the front panel of mobile and it is use for turning screen off when hanging up calls and during calls, makes battery saving and disable unusual taping on screen. It is also used for Attenuating radio power in close proximity to the body, in order to reduce radiation exposure.

Motion Gesture

3. Barometer

Barometer sensor you will see in SAMSUNG flagship devices. Contrary to what you may suggest, it has nothing to with whether. Instead, the barometer is there to help the GPS chip inside the device get a faster lock by instantly delivering altitude data.

4. Digital Compass


Digital Compass is a electronic version of compass. As you all know compass is use for find the direction (North, South & vice versa). Electronic compass has its own distinct speciality & the specialty is have a accurate measurement (degrees) of direction. It is fast and accurate as compared to physical compass. It is very much useful in Apps e.g. Google Maps.

5. Ambient Light Sensor 
ambient light sensor

Ambient light sensor is used in mobile for Automatic control of brightness of Screen (According to light condition outside). It is very useful and ease feature in mobile make mobile technology very innovative. It is very boring to change brightness manual according to light condition outside, this sensor helps you to control brightness of screen. Good quality of LDR (Light dependent resistor) make it very responsive in controlling brightness. Some time may notice that it takes 1 or 2 sec delay in changing brightness this is due to low quality of LDR.

6. Humidity & Temperature Sensor

humidity temp sensor

This sensor is very innovative and playable. It show the humidity & temperature around you. Humidity means how much moisture (water vapor) around you.

Conclusion:  It is important to check the sensor in a device when buy a new Mobile/Tablet because it makes work easier and adds lot of features. The necessary Sensor must be included in a device : Ambient Light Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope(if possible), Proximity, Digital Compass.

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