Shortcut virus remover: How to remove shortcut virus?


Shortcut virus are very annoying to us as once it occurs it is difficult to remove without loosing the data unless you know the proper way to remove. You might have faced this problem many times and sometimes you might have formatted your flash drive to remove the shortcut virus. In this tutorial we’ll tell you how you can remove shortcut virus without loosing the data.

What is Shortcut virus?

Shortcut virus are of two types the most common is Flash drive Shortcut virus, then the File and Folder Shortcut virus.

File and folder shortcut virus

This will copy of your files and folders, hide it and replaces with shortcuts.exe. This is a combination of Trojan and Worm. When you open that virus in that pen drive then it will automatically execute itself and make their child on your PC and install malicious software that monitors your computing habit and worst, steal your important data and credit card information.

Flash drive shortcut virus

This is purely Trojan; it consolidates every file in your portable devices and put it into one hidden folder. Then, it creates a Flash Disk shortcut.exe. Like the file and a folder shortcut virus, it will give you no choices but to click it to see your files. Once, it executes with its power then that virus can able to send your personal or credit card information to the hackers. So, this virus is the first priority to remove shortcut virus.

How to avoid Shortcut virus

There is some antivirus which may not able to detect those viruses but you can take the safety from those viruses. If you help them to execute then they can able to attack your PC with Trojan. However, if you are smart then they can’t able to execute itself. So, you can be safe from those viruses. Just follow the steps below:

Don’t run your Flash Drive from the auto run and from My Computer.
You can open your pen drive by right clicking it, then click on explore or you can type the address on the address bar to open your flash drive.

 How to remove shortcut virus from Pendrive or Computer?

Method 1: Using Command Prompt

      1. Run Command prompt as Administrator. (Windows key + R > Type CMD & press ENTER, or search CMD > Right click to CMD and Select “Run as Administrator” or right click over Start button and select command prompt (Admin).
      2. Connect your infected USB storage (Pen drive, SD card, etc.) with your Computer.
      3. Scan USB with an antivirus program (Not compulsory but its effective) and if the antivirus found some virus or threats, so delete it.
      4. Type the following command in Command prompt: attrib -h -r -s /s /d X:\*.*, (Where, X is the USB drive letter) and press Enter. (For example: If your drive letter is D, then the command is attrib -h -r -s /s /d D:\*.*)remove-shortcut-virus
      5. Copy all data from USB flash drive to your computer.
      6. Format the USB drive. And, copy all data back to the USB flash drive.

Shortcut Virus Remover Tools & Command Prompt Access Denied Problem

Above method is best way to remove shortcut virus and if you get this error access denied then you may do something wrong or the virus may stronger than these methods. This problem is really common for a hard disk that uses NTFS however; this is rare on flash drives.

Solution for access denied:

  1. In fix folder method make sure that you used to change the letter according to your flash drive if you did something wrong then it may cause for your system.
  2. In the command prompt method makes sure that you typed correct command including spaces. If you did type the wrong command then it will not work.
  3. Now, you already did all the steps to clean your computer. However, there may be very fewer chances that these methods will not work. If your computer is completely infected by those viruses then these tricks will not work then you need to change the method for removing shortcut virus.

—Download RKill and start it. This will stop every malicious process which is going on your PC including shortcut virus.
—Download RougueKiller and start it as well. To remove more variants of Trojans.
—Download Malwarebytes and scan it.

Shortcut Virus remover: How to remove shortcut virus from Pendrive or Computer?

Using this method you will remove shortcut virus 100% without any problem. Just download shortcut virus remover and run it to delete all shortcut virus.

Download Hidden folder Virus
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