Apps and website will help you to find an ATM with cash near me

find an atm with cash

Demonetization of currency note 500 – 1000 Rs is one of the bold step taken by Indian government. The step has been appreciated by most people in India. But it has become a bit trouble for people of india and it is becoming hinder for people to manage the daily expenses as the ATMs are always busy with queues. Hours are spent standing in long lines, and at times, returning empty handed in case the ATM runs out of cash. You might have found the ATM locators in Google search but these doesn’t give an information about whether the cash available in ATM. Here we are listing some best Apps to find an atm with cash near me and the atm with cash finder websites. Using these websites and applications you can get an idea about which ATMs near you have cash and even the length of queues in some cases.

Apps and website will help you to find an ATM with cash near me

Walnut ATM with cash Finder

The Walnut app for Android is a money manager which can be used for multiple purposes like Auto-track bank, ATM transactions, debit / credit cards & bills securely without any bank passwords. Recently they have added one of the best feature in the app called Find an ATM with Cash near you with Walnut.


Green pin implies that ATM is currently being used to withdraw cash.
An Orange pin implies that ATM was recently dispensing cash.
A Grey pin implies that the ATM last dispensed cash a few days ago.

When a walnut app user withdraws the money from atm, the app pushes the notification to give feed about the queue outside the atm. Which will help you to get an idea about the queues outside the ATM.

Download Walnut ATM with cash Finder


ATM Search


The very easy and straight forward website to find atm an with cash near me. The website has no other content nor advertisement. It is designed by Twitter user @WoCharLog to aid citizens in finding ATMs which are dispensing cash. The website will ask you to enter the current location. Enter the needed information and you’ll get appropriate results as per your location and availability of an ATM. You can search city-wise or for a particular area also.

Visit here ATM Search


CashNoCash ATM finder with cash


Most recently developed website to find an atm with cash by Manjunath Talwar. The website is even cooler for search. You just need to enter the Postal pincode of your location and enter. The website give you information about all the atm near you with cash or not.

With green signal it will show if cash are available in an ATM.

With Orange signal it shows you may get long queues or soon money will be dispensed.

With Red signal it shows that no money is available in ATM.

Visit here CashNoCash


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