Best SSDs 2016 India you can buy right now (Solid state drive)


To begin, the abbreviation of SSD is Solid State Drive. When SSDs were arrived main drawback was that they were expensive. But the time has changed in last 5-8 years. Now SSDs are cheaper then they were used to. If performance and fast bootup is your primary consideration and money is secondary, then SSDs are the best option you can buy. A typical SSD uses what is called NAND-based flash memory. This is a non-volatile type of memory. If you want to turn off the disk, you can do it without bothering about the data. It won’t “forget” what was stored on it. You can read and write to an SSD all day long and the data storage integrity will be maintained for well over 200 years. Which means you can have data for life long. There are also some advantage of SSDs, so won’t go further in detail. We assume if are looking for best SSDs then you must be knowing the the features of SSDs.

Here we would recommend SSDs based on SATA mobels for sake of simplicity. Best SSDs 2016 to buy.

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Best SSDs 2016 in India to buy

Patriot Torch LE SSD


The Patriot Torch Solid-State Drive (SSD) comes in one of the top rated and best ssds category. It has perfect way to enhance computer system response times and gaming performance. The Torch offers transfer speeds of up to 555 MB/s read and 535 MB/s write to eliminate bottlenecks. Using a SATAIII 6Gb/s interface that’s also backwards compatible with SATAII 3GB/s connections, the Torch SSD provides much greater performance than mechanical HDDs. Patriot’s Torch SSD comes in two sizes for every user at 120GB, and 240GB. The drive includes intelligent advanced wear-leveling and ECC Recovery at 72bits/1KB, to provide an extended life.With the Torch, Patriot has continued its commitment to aggressive pricing to offer one of the best price-per performance options on the market. Backed by Patriot’s award winning build quality and 3-year warranty; the Patriot Torch is an extremely reliable SSD and should be at the heart of your next system build or upgrade.

Hynix SSD


Hynix has 2.5″ Standard Internal SSD, light-weight SL301 part of the SL300 Series will help you to do your job faster than ever, quietly. Sequential Performance (128KB, Typical). The SSD comes with the read speed Up to 540MB/s & write Up to 470MB/s. Random Performance (4KB, Typical) the read speed Up to 95K IOPS & write Up to 85K IOPS. Cell Type: TLC. State-of-the art 16nm NAND flash memory. Upgraded controller, powerful NAND Control and stability provided by SK hynix’s 2nd-generation controller. Encryption technology for secure data storage. Reduced power consumption and efficient energy management. 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Samsung 850 Evo SSD


The Samsung 850 PRO SSD redefines storage with the world’s first drive based on 3D VNAND flash, offering exceptional read/write performance, reliability and power management efficiency. The 850 Pro delivers up to 2x the speed, density and endurance of conventional flash. Samsung’s V-NAND technology is built to handle a minimum of 150 Terabytes Written (TBW) over the lifetime of the drive, which equates to a 40 GB daily read/write workload over a 10-year period. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to recommend the SSD for those looking to upgrade from an old hard drive.

Toshiba’s Q300


Toshiba’s Q300 Series SSD internal solid state drive delivers impressive performance and long-term reliability-all in one. Solid state drive technology delivers fast boot-up, which means less waiting. And lower power consumption means more energy efficiency, so you can enjoy longer battery life. The Q300 Series delivers all this, plus a variety of storage capacities-up to 960 gigabytes (960GB). So, if you’re ready to step up your PC performance to boost everyday productivity, look no further than the Q300 SSD. It’s the latest innovation brought to you by Toshiba-the inventor of NAND Flash memory and world-leading provider of storage solutions.

Sandisk’s Ultra II SSD


Sandisk’s Ultra II has the second cheapest per GB price at just £0.18, offering sequential read/write speeds of 550MBps and 500MBps as well as random read/write speeds of 99K and 83K IOPS respectively. nCache 2.0 technology, Sandisk claims, will deliver enhanced speed and endurance with the SSD dashboard providing with data in real-time about the drive itself. Coupled with a 3-year warranty, this is one of the better deals on the market.

The Kingston KC400 SSD


The Kingston KC400 SSDNow 512GB is a fantastic SSD which delivers consistent high-speed performances across various benchmarks. The SSD is easy to recommend for those wanting to upgrade from their old hard drives or older generation SSDs, but it’s more expensive than the Samsung 850 Evo.

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